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T.C. Spellen is the Owner and CEO of Walk In Your Dreams, LLC, a life coaching service empowering women to execute their dreams. T.C. is also an Award Winning Indie Author who won the Henry Christian Literary Award in the Devotional Category in 2014. Two years later, T.C. was one of the finalists for the 2016 Indie Author Legacy Award. Not only is this God-fearing, dynamic author receiving recognition for her life-changing books, but women's groups are also studying her works and using them as guides to singleness and living with purpose. While this is a huge honor, T.C. is too ambitious to stop at writing and publishing.

As of 2018, T.C. is a Certified Community Producer in Mini-Studio Production and a Certified Studio Community Podcaster for BRIC TV located in Brooklyn, NY. 

When this astute Woman of God is not attending church or reading and studying the Bible, she is either traveling or eating at one of her favorite NYC restaurants. This energetic New Yorker also loves hanging out with her devoted mother, spending time with her lifelong sister-friends and simply, enjoying life to the fullest.  

Look for T.C. on BRIC TV as one of the Co-hosts of the Lady V TV and Radio Shows. Follow this prolific author and entrepreneur on social media to be the first to see what she gives birth to next. Believe me, it will be huge! Subscribe to to this page to learn more about her book signings and speaking events. Finally, please remember to purchase TC's books, The Waiting Room and The Covenant Letters; there are direct links to each book in the header of this site, titled "Book 1" and "Book 2." Thank you for stopping by.

Humble beginnings: I was a vendor at The Harlem Book Fair, July 2013, selling The Waiting Room.

Humble beginnings: I was a vendor at The Harlem Book Fair, July 2013, selling The Waiting Room.

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